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To work as a freelancer or set up your own small business in Germany, there are several registrations and permits you need before starting your business in Germany. To work as a freelancer or sole trader or set up your own small business in Germany, you may need a residence permit and you will need to have your business recognized by the tax office or register with your local trade office before you can start working in Germany. The rules for setting up a business as a self-employed person in Germany are the same for German citizens and foreigners. The information given here provides a general overview only, and you should always get professional advice from a German accountant or financial expert when setting up your own business in Germany. However, if you hold or wish to obtain a residence permit to work as a freelancer or set up a business as a sole trader in Germany, you will need to prove to the authorities that your business fulfills a special need or economic need, that it will benefit the German economy and that you have sufficient financial security. For more information, read our guides to German visas and permits and getting a German work permit.

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With a population of around 1. The city’s metropolitan region is home to 6 million people. Munich is the second-largest city in the Bavarian dialect area , after the Austrian capital of Vienna. The city was first mentioned in Catholic Munich strongly resisted the Reformation and was a political point of divergence during the resulting Thirty Years’ War , but remained physically untouched despite an occupation by the Protestant Swedes.

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Business and Services Directory. Germany has a long tradition of creating and maintaining strong social programs. Even given its exceptional social commitment throughout its history, Germany currently has an extremely low birth rate 1. Germany’s ideal birthrate would be 2. Elterngeld is funded by the federal tax system and replaced, on January 01, , the pre-existing Erzeihungsgeld or Parenting Allowance.

This is not a permanent subsidy while it is limited to the first 12 or 14 months following the child’s birth. The amount of the Elterngeld is based on the after taxes income of the parent dedicated to caring for the newborn and is to be viewed as a limited income subsidy. The Germans have adopted a clause based on the Scandinavian system – which allows for both parents to exercise their right to time off with their new born and to receive Elterngeld , too – by sharing the allocated ” Elterngeld time” months total.

To contract for Elterngeld , you need to apply in writing. The website is in German, but don’t worry.

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We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. Germany draws loads of international students every year with its reputation for high quality and low costs.

LVZ Online – Online version of Leipziger Volkszeitung newspaper Toytown Germany – Discussion forum in English, great for tips on living in Germany and for.

We support reasonable rents backed by legislation. We also support the development of new social and affordable housing and other urban developments, while avoiding the displacement of tenants. This is because Germany has a much higher proportion of rented accommodation than in comparable countries. In Germany there exist comprehensive tenancy rights. We have lawyers, assessors, energy consultants and other staff to support you in any disputes with your landlords.

Duration of membership is at least two years. Notice of termination, to take effect of the end of a calendar year, must be received by September 30th. The lease regulates the essential rights and obligations of tenant and landlord. Agreements in leases which penalise the tenant unreasonably are not binding even if the tenant is a signatory. The person who signs the lease is liable for the rent. Subsequent amendments to the lease, such as change of tenant, require the written permission of the landlord.

Renting social housing flats built with public funds requires a special document Wohnberechtigungsschein.

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Where do you go? What documents do you need to have with you? Read on…. But you do have a few options.

Germany has a claim to being the home of health insurance. Its system dates back to the s and the time of Bismarck. You can read more about the international health insurance issue in many online forums and see which The forum Toytown Germany has a very active community, including some.

The KSK is not an insurance company in its own right — you stick with the statutory insurance provider you already use or you can change it as you see fit, and in certain cases you can choose a private health insurance provider. Being accepted into the KSK can be a way to get into a public health insurance fund if your self-employed activity previously prevented you from doing so.

You can only be insured from the date upon which you submit your application. The decision about eligibility is incredibly complex, and the law that governs it is formidable. In any case, it will probably take the better part of a year to get the initial decision. You can adjust this prediction as the year goes on and you get a better idea of your finances. Yes, plenty of people underestimate what they earn and pay significantly less than what they should.

If you were voluntarily insured under statutory health insurance as a freelancer, you would pay ca. So being in the KSK is a bargain. I can help you make sense of the correspondence along the way. Book a coaching to send in the strongest application you possibly can. Dear Carol, This is tricky. It is hard for a freelance translator to be considered an artist unless the majority of their income is made by translating artistic texts, e.

The German “Arbeitszeugnis” (reference): a sometimes dangerous mystery for non-German employers

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Tenants’ associations have a long tradition in Germany. This is because This must be done in writing, stating the required completion date.

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You can simply fill out the deregistration form online. Just fill in the deregistration form indicating the correct move-out date, even if it is in the past. Then send it to.

One of these is considerably easier to do than the others. Banks typically check your score when you apply to open an account , phone and internet providers check when you apply to create a new contract, and landlords and property managers will always ask when you apply to rent a flat. These companies will be able to check your Schufa and determine whether you have any unpaid debts, and if you can be trusted as a customer or tenant.

If you apply for a loan at a bank, for example, your Schufa can also determine how much interest you might pay for that loan. The higher the risk for the bank, the higher the interest you might pay. Your Schufa is automatically created as soon as you register your address upon moving to Germany. Your previous credit score from wherever you moved from does not influence your Schufa in Germany, and you cannot use your American credit score, for example, to apply for a loan, no matter how good it may be.

Germany offers the advantage of allowing most, if not all, of your bills to be paid automatically every month by direct debit, so you can avoid the risk of forgetting to pay them. This is the official, certified credit report that all landlords accept, which guarantees your privacy and security. You can also get one in-person at participating Postbank and Volksbank locations.

You may have heard that you can get a free Schufa report, but this is only partially true. However, this paper-only document is only meant for your reference so you can see your exact score out of , and may not be accepted by landlords. For better or worse, the certified report that you must purchase is the safest bet to include in your flat application Wohnungsbewerbung. Getting your Schufa is an essential step in managing your personal finance in Germany, and it can be easy to both know your score and keep it high as long as you take care of your bills.

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This is how you buy a used car or motorcycle in Germany. The process is the same if you buy from a person, or from a dealership. In Germany, Mobile. If you see a vehicle you like, schedule an appointment with the owner. Inspecting a used vehicle in Germany is the same as in other countries, with a few small differences.

date, we have built up a strong network with 1 Universities and in- stitutions in 21 countries. The aim of would like to ask you to fill in our online registration form as a starting point. As soon as you

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Elterngeld translated literally from German as parents’ money , is a tax-financed payment for couples to encourage them to become parents, which pays an amount of money to support the costs of bringing up a child. Amount ranges from 7, euros per annum for up to one year, rising to 25, euros two-thirds of their former salary for up to one year per child born. The last 12 months prior to the birth are taken into account for measuring the average monthly income.

Elterngeld can only be retroactively implemented 3 months from the date the application is turned in. So, if you just had a baby, hurry up! Eligibility for Elterngeld.

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