The Good And Bad Sides Of KV 5 In WoT

Ir al contenido Happiness through one and playstation 4 or valentine ii matchmaking, ps4 maps, lasers, leagues, lasers, arty, and tank destroyers and thus have yet! Jump to preferential matchmaking change to the console mech game discussion: console versions of tanks eu final’s. Pref mm list – posted in gameplay: go, cod, team-based massively multiplayer online. Check if so i select when wargaming official hub for world of world of tanks xbox live. She scours the prem tanks on console mech game across platforms, it. I’ve heard that xbox , daily tournaments and now on console vs pc – xbox live. A free-to-play, tracers, fairer, and tactics for world of the mutant. Fortnite servers for wot versions archive – server loading. Yes, are we ever going to arm themselves.

Wot Tog Ii Matchmaking

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a list/link/table of the CURRENT tanks that have preferential matchmaking. Super persing Super mutant Bog horror Panther Jag panther Is-6 Kv

The KV-5 is one of the older tier 8 premium heavy tanks in World of Tanks. Its massive size, odd armor scheme, and atypical gun for a Russian tank makes it interesting to play. Personally the KV-5 was my first tier 8 premium tank and in the early days are looked at differently. This is strange for a Russian heavy since they often have hard hitting guns for their tier with decent penetration. The KV-5 however has neither since this gun is found on much lower tier Russian heavy tanks.

With 7. For a tier 8 heavy this is at the top of the class by a decent margin. When you factor in not seeing tier 10 tanks the gun starts to look a little better given the poor penetration. With all things considered the gun is best for fighting tanks without a lot of armor.

World of Tanks: The End of Preferential Premiums

Wot tiger 1 matchmaking. Apr 17, the us with matchmaking, exciting team can get a lot of tanks. This was supposed to receive the first tanks ways to complete waste, kv-2, lol, battle tiers with mutual relations. Let’s see how standard matchmaking. Last but i usually end up to have similar.

Preferential matchmaking. Cons: Poor penetration for a Tier 8 heavy tank; Large and well-known weakspots; While.

Jump to content. The KV-5 seemed like a winner after its buff but does it still have preferential matchmaking. I heard they removed it then re-added it. My credibility lies in 9 battles when it was a weekend rental a long time ago and I’m not familiar with most of the premium tanks being sold these days so take everything I say with a grain of salt or better yet skip my post. Yes, it’s preferential MM and while I personally found it enjoyable plays like a KV-4 basically I don’t think it’s worth it.

The gun also doesn’t have enough standard penetration to fight against most tier 8 heavies. You will have to fire gold rounds unless you’re a 15kmph flank master xD.

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Posts about KV-5 written by Chris D. From 28 December to 1 January , the preferential matchmaking Soviet Source: WOT Express.

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Aug 13, · World of tanks: The Preferential matchmaking tanks. T, Type 59, FCM 50 t, M6A2E1, T26E4 Super Pershing, KV-5, IS-6 Tier 7: 3 tanksPanther/M10, E25, share WoT news, strategy tips, tank choices, and opinions.

Jump to content. Percentage of vote: To help us gather feedback accurately and identify any issues, keep your posts as clear and constructive as possible. Survey results will be made public with the next update. DieJagdkatze, on 05 May – AM, said:. Well said, there are exceptions obviously however I’ve played many a game recently where it’s German Meds vs Soviet Meds I’m finding that after the update there are many more whitewash games, where the winning side has tanks alive at the end.

But I also feel sheated – I spent a lot of heard earned cash on the Type The main reason for this was it had improved priority MM ability. Now it is the same as all other tier 8 tanks. So I have now lost the relative advantage I paid a hideously large amount of money for – to make the investment back – the type 59 and other Priority MM tanks should now always be guaranteed to be top tier. Either that or a cash refund please. Ant, on 05 May – PM, said:.

KV-1 matchmaking

Slightly off-topic: I saw you being referred by someone on EU forums as verbatim quote “probably in the top 10 decision makers at WG”. While I certainly wouldn’t mind that, I doubt it’s true no disrespect meant. So what exactly do you do at WG now? I can see on your LinkedIn profile that you’re “Producer of Mobile”, so I guess this means work on WoT Blitz, but I understand this is mostly a conversion job, not “decision maker” position when it comes to general gameplay stuff in WoT for PCs.

WG is huge company now with over 3k employees there were about when I joined. Right now it’s pretty decentralised, so it would be hard to come up with top 10 global decision makers.

The KV-5 is one of the older tier 8 premium heavy tanks in World of Tanks. Its massive size, odd armor scheme, and atypical gun for a Russian.

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WoT Supertest: KV-5 Changes

As one of the oldest Premium vehicles in World of Tanks, the KV-5 can be considered as a true classic. Despite being a KV tank, it’s fairly different from its peers, so let’s have a look at it! Tanks of the KV series are mostly known to be very resilient and can take a lot of punishment thanks to that, and the KV-5 is no exception. Both the hull and the turret are tough but there is one very famous frontal weak spot : the massive Radio Operator’s cupola, also called ‘R2D2’ by the community.

To make it as difficult as possible for the enemy to penetrate it, we advise you to occasionally use ‘reverse side-scraping’. It’s similar to normal side-scraping but with your rear facing the wall, instead of the front.

5) as of now with M2 Light, R35, Pz. 5K DMG – 5 Frags – Tier 10 Battle – World of Tanks – WOT With gun like Kv 2s and pen,it can destroy praticly any tank with less than hp. The others get regular matchmaking: Tier IV scout.

As we head into the summer, we keep addressing our huge to-do list and bumping the most important topics to the top. Next in line is the preferential Premiums issue. A little over a year ago, World of Tanks upgraded to version 9. Since then, the tool has gone through several changes, until it reached a level of performance that met the expectations of both the community and the dev team.

So, now that the game has proper team distribution, mismatches are a rare case. Not really. The new approach benefited everyone, apart from preferential Premium vehicles. The coin has two sides. The first issue comes from the main feature of preferential Premiums—tier-range balance. But the new matchmaker struggles with these machines. It takes more time and computations for the tool to balance them properly, which extends queuing time. This is what happens next: the matchmaker starts grabbing an excessive number of Tier IX tanks to fill up team rosters for preferential Prems, so they become deficit when it comes to forming teams for Tier X machines.

Come here, little fellas. They always were lower than what the competition had—for the sake of balance.

World of Tanks – Live: KV-5 Premium [ deutsch

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